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In my blog I’ll show photos,videos on abondon and abuse animals and i'll post other article that relates to animal brutality, and why and how it’s not right to abuse animals. Animals are human too and if there’s any way I can prevent it I’ll do my best.

This is important to me because I have a special spot in my heart for animals they mean so much to me when they look at me with the sad look my heart just melts. If you only knew in other countries , the way these animals were and still are treated you would try to prevent it from happening too. I had a family pet we treated him good but just recently my grandmother had him put to sleep becasue he was causing my nieces and nephew sick, but i didn't understand why put him to sleep why not give him away to a shelter i was so sad because i still loved him and i feel that no pet should be abuse any type of way.



Friday, June 5, 2009

just something that bothered me

i was watching the news the other night and they brung up a topic similar to my blog. it was about how a man got put in jail for keeping roosters hostage In an apartment because roosters are not allowed in New York so that is a crime. Then the person kept them hostage to decapitate them and make them fight other birds. It was sad how one man was like that apart of his culture, I am assuming that he is Latin because he had an accent. There were so many rooster in 1 apartment I don’t understand how that was even allowed in there im guessing he snuck them in there but they make noise. Im just happy that it was brought to some ones attention and some one is doing something about it.

i know alot of people are like theres alot of other important issues to be worrying about but like it or not animal or human too. They have lives and since they can't function like human they are smart and one way or another they do know when they are not being treated like they are suppose to. It hurts me to see these things going on in the world and what ever i can do to help i will.

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